48 years of property development.

We have worked with the Mercian team who have terrific vision, good discipline and outstanding development management skills on retail led development projects and would highly recommend them in this role.

Mark Stirling, Asset Director
LondonMetric Property PLC

Strong leadership with a focus on project delivery

Mercian have been working with me and my other advisors for 8 years on a development project on my land. Although a number of issues have arisen the staff at Mercian have given me sound advice all the way through the planning processes even though at times the odds were vey much stacked against us. Their care and attention to detail has been superb.

John Richards
Land Owner

Tenacity with an attention for detail

We have worked with Mercian for a number of years to unlock a complicated site that whilst on paper looks eminently developable, in practice has proved tricky to get out of the starting blocks.  Their strong local knowledge, professionalism, integrity, flexibility and above all else, their refusal to give up makes them the perfect Development Manager for this particular project and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other land owners and/or investors looking to maximise value of their property holdings.

Lucy Winterburn, Director
Savills Investment Management Ltd

Targeted Approach